Submission of Bill Pollock – President of UAW Local 251

To: Ontario Health Coalition

Democratic Public Hearings on Small, Rural and Northern Hospitals

Submitted on Thursday, March 4, 2010 in Wallaceburg, Ontario

The Connect between Our Hospital (Sydenham District Hospital), jobs, and the Health and Well Being of Community and Citizens

* Like many rural communities OUR hospital (S.D.H.) is exactly that,
OUR hospital.

* We have managed quite well on our own before and we are more than
capable of managing on our own, today and in the future.
* Jobs are healthy for a community and are imperative to maintain
rural communities.
* Our hospital helps us to attract business and industry and the
jobs that business and industry provide
* Parents with jobs, allow those parents to provide their children
with healthy lifestyle opportunities.

* Children in poverty do not live healthy lifestyles because their
parents do not have the financial means to enroll their children
in organized activities.

* Organized activities promote and allow for a healthy physical and
emotional lifestyle.

* A recent study of the Health Unit conducted in Chatham-Kent
reported that for 16% of children in the screening, it was
sometimes difficult to afford food. Also reported, indications are
9% of youth sometimes went without food because there wasn’t
enough income in their home to afford food. For children whose
homes rely on social assistance, 60% are classified as food
insecure. Further reported, some consequences of poor nutrition at
an early age include the risk of overweight and anemia.

* The report does not mention the emotional impact on children.

* The emotional impact of job loss on family life can be
devastating, often resulting in depression, loss of self-esteem,
resorting to alcohol or drugs, family break-ups. Lives are
destroyed and children can suffer irreparable emotional damage

* What we need is Our hospital and control of OUR hospital.

* We do not need the LHIN.

* We do not need consultants.

* The Provincial Liberal Government reports concerns that Health
Care is eating up 42% of the budget and it is projected to reach
70% of the budget.

* With 60% of the health care dollars spent on bureaucrats and
consultants, savings can be made and we can do this, if allowed.

* This is OUR hospital.

* Give us OUR autonomy. We can do quite well on OUR own.