July 7
This is simply amazing that this can happen in our Community!
Jeff Wesley to Veritas Communication (Firm Hired by CKHA)

Subject: On Reflection There Is No Reason to Talk

After some overnight reflection I have come to the firm conclusion that there is no justification for us to speak. Why should I speak with an organization that took the unsavoury approach of contacting a long time political opponent looking for research that was revealing or insightful? Anything we were to speak about would simply be turned into spin by either your organization or the CKHA. I have no interest in private closed conversations with any of participants in this issue and my goal is simply to get to the truth.

The email you sent me and the comments by the CKHA demonstrate that both organizations are in full damage control. Why did you not come out and admit a mistake, admit an improper approach and improper questions – instead you are committing a serious fumble as per your own web site. I faxed the letters out during my lunch break and yet no answer from the CKHA until the end of the day? Let’s look at a few facts:

1. Karl Baldauf, a well known conservative activist, with his own conservative blog/web page ( www.right-here.ca) contacts a conservative MP looking for political research that is revealing and never ever mentions it is about community engagement or facility renewal.
2. You say that it was all about community engagement yet your contract is only for three months, I had never been contacted and yet the first step is to contact my long time political opponent?
3. If this was all about community engagement why was the greater community not informed?
4. It is more than coincidence that the contact with the office of the MP heated up on July 2nd, shortly after I spoke at the June 30th CKHA Tri-Board AGM where the slate of nominees for our local hospital, on the recommendation of the SOS Committee, was turned down.

Since you all have nothing to hide I hereby request the following:

1. Copies of the contract between Veritas Communications and the CKHA;
2. The names of all people involved from the CKHA, Ministry of Health, Erie St.Clair LHIN and any others in the discussion and approval of the contract with Veritas Communications; and,
3. A copy of all correspondence dealing with this contract including meeting minutes, phone records, emails, text messages, personal notes etc.

This is the only way to get to the truth in this matter.

The sad part about all of this is that the public money wasted on the Hay Report, retaining Shaw Consulting to meet with staff and now another consulting contract for under $50,000 to look for revealing political research on a community volunteer is all public money that could have and should have gone to maintain vital services at Sydenham District Hospital. How sad. While the CKHA is out spending taxpayer money on consultant after consultant I have to respond to the actions of Veritas by using my own time and money to write letters and then fax them. Something is very wrong here and it needs to be corrected.

The only people I am interested in speaking with are the Premier and Minister Caplan. I want them to help me get to the truth and then fix this badly operating system so something like this does not happen again. Volunteers in our communities deserve no less.

Jeff Wesley