Sent: Fri 4/17/2009 9:32 AM
To: Christina Blizzard
Subject: Your Queen's Park Column - April12th

Good Morning:

First of all thanks for taking an interest in our situation. If we did not have media in this country we would be in even deeper trouble.

I certainly take exception to the Minister stating that the LHINs represent local people in local communities making health care decisions. I have been a member of the liberal party for over 25 years and believe me when they "staffed" the LHINs with board members there were very careful to put in people they could count on. Personally, I remember getting calls (I was the last Mayor of Wallaceburg before amalgamation) asking about the background of potential appointees and the political leanings of this person or that person. Add to this that the CEOs take their marching orders from the Ministry of Health. In our situation here in Wallaceburg it needs to be noted that:

1.      Not a single member of the LHIN Board lives in or uses the services of Wallaceburg's SDH;
2.      Not a single board member lives in or represents Walpole Island First Nation;
3.      The LHIN CEO is not local to the area nor are many of his staff;
4.      Board members are appointed, not elected;        
5.      Through out the "consultation" by the LHIN most board members do not even attend the events (we see the same two or three at most events);and,
6.      In small group consultations with the LHIN the board members are not invited nor do they take part.

Once again, thanks for your interest.

Jeff Wesley Chairperson

SOS Committee