Put money where it's needed

As a registered nurse, I have a great deal of experience with health-care reform and the wisdom that experience brings with it.
Andy Cornell's point of view is correct when he states that the sustainability of our small rural hospitals will be determined by adequate funding to hospitals.
Ontario's hospitals are cost-effective -- this province spends much less per resident on health care than most other provincial governments in Canada. Ontario hospitals rank more efficiently than other provincial hospitals, yet we're still facing cuts to nursing positions, cuts to beds, cuts to programs and to the care that every member of this community counts on to be there for them when they need it.
The cost of pharmaceuticals is the number one reason that health-care costs are rising. Yet the provincial government and it's Local Health Integration Networks would have us all believe that it's the inefficiency and profligate spending of hospitals that are responsible; that's hardly the case.
This LHIN should be mandated to contract with consultants who create fact-based, objective reviews of this region's services. Or better yet - speak to the front-line caregivers and the patients they serve.
Nurses know that cutting care, cutting beds, cutting services and cutting nurses and other health-care professionals never leads to improved quality of care.
This province needs more services, not to see its hospitals and services downsized.
As a taxpayer, I'd be happy to see my money go to where it's truly needed -- to local, accessible health care.

Shirley Roebuck, RN Bargaining Unit President, ONA Local 35