Jeff Wesley reports from Queens Park protest bus

An estimated 5,000 from all across Ontario took part today. The speeches from Shirley and I were very well received as well as the 100 who attended from SDH in support of SDH.

We made many contacts and our message is getting through. Met with both Pat Hoy MPP and Maria Van Bommel MPP and we were clear:

1. With the recent announcement of the Northern and Rural Health Care Panel we said until this panel gets its work done there MUST be a complete moratorium on all cuts, changes and closures to local hospitals - both MPPs agreed.

2. The LHIN and the MPPs need to accept the offer of the CKHA for a five year reprieve for the SDH ED. They must malke this decision now not post June 23. When they do this the SOS and the community will work with CKHA and the LHIN to put in place a sustainable ED, med beds and SDH. We said we will work them to do this. Howver deeds speak louder than words and we want to see a clear and concrete decision about a five year reprieve and a goal to work together and plan for ther long term betterment of SDH.Both MPPs agreed.

3. The reinstatement of some of the medicine beds is a positive step forward but more needs to be done as stated above.

I am sending this from the bus coming home from the protest so excuse my typing. Thank you to all businesses and merchants who donated dollars and food for this event. Another great success. Another step forward. Forward progress is great and it is through all of the support you give that we can do this.