Consultants March in Paid Lockstep

Sir: Great editorial about the "dirt" regarding Veritas and CKHA. Everyone is so right; the writing is on the wall, the floor, the ceiling, the sidewalk and the roads.

Don't be asking CKHA board for a review. It will be biased no matter what. The government needs to step in. If our hospital needs to be closed, let's talk about it in a non-biased way. Lets discuss it collaboratively.

The way I see, Mr. Tremblay has it all figured out, and if I am wrong then he needs to face everyone publicly and honestly and say, "I truly have SDHC's interest at heart and really care." He won't be able to say that now because no one believes him.

What I see and I am sure many agree, is the mindset to close SDH, and then the government will give the Chatham more money and Tremblay can keep his big fat paycheque while so many people can't even afford to put food on their tables.

My feeling . . . all these firms hired by CKHA become CKHA puppets. They are paid by them so they will follow CKHA directions explicitly. You can bet that the gentleman that has been removed from the project wasn't the only one sent out to do CKHA dirty laundry, he just got caught!

Kudos for Pat Davis bringing that to Jeff Wesley's attention and bringing it public! Shame on CKHA!! I may have moved from Wallaceburg, but I still care about my hometown!

-- Cynthia (Ross) Hiatt Port Perry