April 16

CKHA denies SOS request to educate Tri-Board Directors

Subject: HERE WE GO AGAIN...CKHA denies SOS request to educate Tri-Board Directors

Sent: Thu Apr 16 18:33:54 2009

From: Conrad Noel, SOS Vice-Chair

Email  to Ms Brownlee, CKHA on Tuesday, April 14th.

Hello Mrs.Brownlee,

On behalf of SOS, Lindsey Anderson would like to do a presentation at
the Tri-Board Directors' meeting on April 28th.  Her presentation will
be a power-point presentation.

I would also like to RSVP the presence of the SOS Executive at the same
meeting.  We would like to reserve 10 seats.

Thank you.

Conrad Noel, SOS Vice-Chair

*Response from Tri-Board Chair CKHA on Thursday, April 16th.*

Nicki Brownlee wrote:
 I'm sending the note below on behalf of Marjorie Fair, Chair of the upcoming April 28th Tri-Board meeting:
Good afternoon Ms. Anderson,
Thank you for your interest in making a power-point presentation at our Tri-Board meeting. Unfortunately, our agenda has already been completed for this meeting and we are unable to accommodate your request.
If you are interested in attending as an observer for the open portion of the meeting, please advise Nick.
Sincerely, Marjorie Fair

Public is invited to CKHA PUBLIC MONTHLY MEETING...............BUT only 5 seats available.

Good day Mr. Noel, we have responded to Ms Anderson directly on the request to do a powerpoint presentation on Apr. 28th.
With respect to your request to reserve 10 seats for the public portion of the meeting, our meeting space is limited and we cannot accommodate 10 seats. We will reserve up to 5 if you are interested in attending and can provide me with the names of the guests. Thanks kindly for your interest