July 7
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance ends contract with Veritas

In a news release sent late Tuesday evening (July 7) Chatham-Kent Health Alliance officials said, the Tri-Board Executive Committee and CKHA administration made the decision to end its relationship with Veritas Communications Inc.

The firm was hired in June to develop a community engagement plan regarding the !magine program to redevelop aged facilities in Wallaceburg and Chatham.

The community engagement plan was intended to solicit the opinions of diverse voices across Chatham-Kent in local healthcare planning.

In ending the contract, CKHA expressed its opinion that Veritas acted outside of its mandate, and unbeknownst to CKHA, when it contacted MPP Shipley’s office, and conducted itself in a manner that was not in keeping with CKHA’s values.

Veritas has apologized to both CKHA and Save Our Sydenham committee chair Jeff Wesley.

SOS comments:
The CKHA is in full damage control mode:-)

Who from CKHA would have told Veritas that CKHA was facing some stiff opposition from the former Liberal candidate? Someone from CKHA had to leak that damaging information to Karl Baldauf.
That person or those persons must be held accountable to Jeff Wesley and the Sydenham community. These damaging comments are offensive to all of us who volunteer and work
diligently to save our emergency department and our hospital.