Snail's pace progress through Chatham ER
Recently my daughter-in- law went to the Chatham hospital "emergency" and had to wait 10 hours -- 4 p. m. until 2 a. m. -- for "emergency" care.  She wanted to get a tetanus shot. She had a split thumb which required stitches and a chipped bone.  The last time I was at "emergency," I noticed signs about abusive language will not be tolerated. What is going on with our hospitals?  When we take our suffering loved ones to emergency, we expect something to be done. There is nothing worse than watching a spouse or child or grandchild in pain, and your are at a place for help and nothing is being done! You feel so helpless. Feelings interfere with reasoning.  In this case they could have gone to Wallaceburg, London or Windsor and been taken care of in half the time.  This is the fourth time I have seen this kind of "emergency" care in Chatham and I think it is a disgrace. Shut down the "emergency," save the money for the hospitals that really can supply a emergency service.

Definition of "emergency" -- unexpected serious happening, demanding immediate action.

Don Jubenville, Charing Cross